The Office of Student Affairs is here for you! Please reach out if you require individualized support such as:

  • Support for personal / family problems

  • Absences due to medical appointments

  • Arranging leave of absence (LOA)

  • Academic difficulties

  • Academic accommodations

  • Assistance with career planning

To book an appointment with:

Dr. Bartlett (VFMP) -

Dr. Carolan (VFMP) -

Dr. Malhotra (VFMP/Fraser) -

Dr. Black (IMP) -

Dr. Attia (NMP) -

Dr. Hutchings (SMP) -

If you are unsure who to contact email


The Centre for Accessibility provides support and programming initiatives designed to remove barriers for students with disabilities.

When making your initial appointment, ask for: Dr. Laura Bulk

They have prior experience with medical students who are seeking accommodations.

To book a regular appointment with an accessibility advisor email or call 604 822 5844

Drop-In Appointments are hosted via Zoom. 

Booking for drop-in appointments is day of starting at 8:30am

Call 604 822 5844 and then dial 0.




 What's on your mind? 


UBC SAP provides free, 24/7 personal counselling and life coaching for all UBC students. Services are available by phone, video, face to face (where available), e-counselling and in multiple languages. Also included are Aspiria’s AWARE Mindfulness Program and Computerized Cognitive Behavioral Therapy (cCBT) for those who prefer self-guided options. UBC SAP can help you with a wide range of concerns to support your mental, emotional, physical, and financial health.


If you call the hotline, tell them you are a UBC MEDICAL STUDENT calling through PHP. PHP outsources its counselling to certified accredited counselling psychologists and they don’t treat UBC students unless they are in the medical program so it’s important to make that distinction when you call.

UBC's guide to mental health resources can quickly direct you different types of support you may need. Whether you are looking for peer support, professional help or an up to date list of phone hotlines check out their website for a variety of different resources offered to UBC students. 


Crisis Support

24/7 Walk-In

(no Dr's referral needed)

ACC can help during non-life threatening mental health and/or substance abuse issues! 

Call 911

Please don't hesitate to call when you or someone you know is in danger!